Module 5 "Touching Texture"

Module 5: "Touching Texture"

A study based on textured surfaces in landscape.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Certificate Module5 Chapter 4 continued: A Closer Look at Edges

It's been a busy time since I last posted.  My husband has at last had his hip replacement surgery and is gradually recovering.  Hospital visiting and then caring for him at home being nurse, housekeeper, physiotherapist, personal shopper, cook and laundry maid were pretty exhausting, although very worthwhile and it has been good to see him pain-free and increasingly mobile. 

Things are still rather difficult, since it is becoming increasingly apparent that his memory problems may mean that he also has the early stages of dementia.  A head CT scan in June will let us know one way or the other.  In the meantime, we are just trying to take one day at a time, encouraged by his growing physical strength and mobility and his laid-back relaxed and cheerful personality. 

If the news in June should be what we fear, then it is increasingly important that I take care of my own physical, mental and emotional health and so having some time for myself, so that I have a life outside of being only a carer, is vital.  To this end I am being firm that from 2 pm until 3.30pm every day I have some me-time in my studio and my Distant Stitch work has become something important to my well-being.  Some days, when I'm tired, all I want to do is something mindless - reading a magazine or binge-watching Netflix!  However, on good days, I am enjoying the challenge of my Distant Stitch work.

I have now had time to do the second part of Chapter 4, exploring edges.  I have enjoyed this and the small tasks of trying one more different edge is something that can be easily fitted into a small time slot.

5.4.3 Fringing

5.4.4 Cut edges, some more fringing and knotting

5.4.5 Melted edges and stitched edges

One thing I have never been very good at is organising my time.  Recent events have made it imperative that I manage to do this and I am getting better at it!  Hopefully this will enable me to post on a more regular basis.

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  1. I love your samples Catherine. I especially love the organic fringy ones. I can imagine how difficult it is to "steal" time for our DS work, somehow life always gets in the way