Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Chapter 10 postscript

I still struggle a bit when posting images, so thought I'd be clever and cut and paste several in Photoshop first before posting as one image.  Unfortunately, it has meant it is difficult to see the detail on Fabric sample B, so here are the details in separate images.

B stage 2 side 1

B stage 2 side 2

B stage 3 side 1

B stage 3 side 2

B stage 4 side 1 - stage 3 cut diagonally and stitched in a spiral log-cabin style

B stage 4 side 2

Certificate Module 2 Chapter 10: the rest of it

As usual, Sian got right to the heart of my difficulties with this chapter and realised (as I was too close to see) that I was thinking too much and trying to make everything "neat" and "accurate" instead of working intuitively.  I had missed the whole point of the chapter, which was achieving exciting and rich texture through cutting and seaming.  Once I had "permission" not to be so exact and cerebral, the chapter suddenly became fun - a gift rather than a chore. 

I started with my fabric sample and started chopping it some more, not thinking too much but just acting on instinct.  I was able to take it quite a few more stages before it refused to feed through the machine any more.
Since I hadn't managed to incorporate all the ideas Sian suggested, I decided to start again with another fabric sample so that I could try some more ideas.
Finally, I had a go at "The Challenge".

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Certificate Module 2 Chapter 10

A Little On Account

I've struggled a bit with this chapter (patchwork and piecing to my mind are just about on a par with having root canal work done at the dentist!!) and this is reflected in the time I have taken on it.  So although I've not finished it yet, I thought I'd post a little on account, just to show I'm still here, still working away, albeit more slowly than I ought.

Paper exercises

2.10.paper A
2.10.paper B

Fabric Exercises

2.10.fabric A2 (sorry, forgot to photograph A1 until I had already cut it up!)

2.10.fabric A3

2.10.fabric A4
I have found the fabric work really hard and I'm not satisfied with these samples.  I'll try again later.  I find it so difficult to be neat and exact in the cutting and piecing.  I have also found it hard to come up with anything original or interesting, either in the paper exercises or the fabric.  However, I shall soldier on and hope for a breakthrough.

Digital Exercises

For some light relief, I played about with Photoshop to do the cutting and pasting and came up with a digital version of pattern A.

2.10. digital A

   I had some fun playing about with sample A4, selecting portions of it to make into repeated patterns.  These seemed to suggest animal markings more.  Anticipating looking at the work of Bridget Riley in a later chapter, I used the "filter" facility in Photoshop to distort some of these patterns. A4 repeat pattern

2.10. distort A41

2.10.distort 2
2.10.distort 3
2.10.distort 4

More to follow as soon as I can.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

A bit of a holiday ...

My Olympic achievement
Watching the Olympics on TV is kind of getting in the way of my City and Guilds work as well as housework (what's that?!), but I have been keeping my hands busy while getting square eyed in front of the box.  I've been knitting for "fish'n chip babies" in Africa, who are in need of warm jerseys, since many newborns leave hospital wrapped in newspaper for warmth because they have no clothes.  I've managed to finish two jumpers from an easy pattern available online.  With lots more action to come, I hope to complete a third during my bit of an Olympic holiday, before getting down to work again.