Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Module 1 Chapter 6: extra

13th May 2009

I really enjoyed this exercise, so, having an unexpected day off today, I tried some more ideas. Here they are:

Sample 1

I sponged a square of Bondaweb with a crimson acrylic and mauve acrylic mixed with irridescent medium. Once dry, I printed two bird shapes on with lime green acrylic paint. I bonded it on to pale pink cotton, laid a green tracing paper bird shape on top, then bonded dark pink chiffon on top.

Sample 2

I trapped a variety of snippets of sheer, opaque and glittery fabrics between two layers of shaded chiffon, one shading vertically, the other horizontally. I cut two bird shapes out of this and bonded them onto pink polycotton which had been printed with irridescent acrylic medium.

Sample 3

For the background, I bonded snippets of sheer fabrics between two layers of shaded chiffon, with one layer shading horizontally and the other shading vertically. I cut a rectangular shape and applied it to olive green polyester satin. I cut two bird shapes as in sample 2 and bonded them on top.

Sample 4

First I bonded a rectangle of Bondaweb to green polyester. I printed three bird shapes on top of the bondaweb with lime green acrylic paint. I then bonded four more bird shapes: gold metallic chiffon, blue chiffon, red/yellow shaded chiffon and finally printed tracing paper.

Sample 5

This sample came about by accident. When I printed 3 green bird shapes onto green polyester for sample 4, the paint went right through to the white cartridge paper underneath. I tried ironing on top of it Bondaweb which I had painted with purple acrylic mixed with irridescent medium, hoping that it would be sufficiently transparent to show the birds underneath. The result was very pleasing, the wrinkling of the wet Bondaweb giving an interesting texture to the piece.

Sample 6

I decided to try the same effect deliberately this time. I cut two bird shapes out of dyed tracing paper and fixed them to white cartridge paper with spray adhesive. Next I sponged reddish purple acrylic paint onto Bondaweb. Once dry, I printed it with irridescent medium, ironed it onto shaded chiffon, peeled off the paper backing and ironed it onto the cartridge paper.

Layout of blog

I've found a way of getting the layout of my blog more pleasing to my eye. I found a couple of websites which offer training in the use of html. One of them is designed for children, so just right for my level! There's a lot of it that is just Greek to me, but I understand enough of the basics now to use a bit of it to get things how I want them, using the "Edit html" button. It seems to work for me.

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  1. please cathrine let me know the name of the training website for children. I need this help too for a more attractive layout of my blogs. I like your examples with the colored bondaweb and the shadowy outlines of the birds
    Maren from Ostfriesland