Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Certificate Module 4: Storage of Work, Materials, Tools and Equipment


(Whilst my storage is not perhaps ideal, I think I have made best use of the very limited space at my disposal.  It has taken a lot of thought and trial and error to fit so much into so little space!)

Design work in progress
In a folder on top of a chest of drawers
Completed embroidery
Wrapped in acid free tissue paper and stored in a large lidded plastic box
Completed design work
In an A2 portfolio case.  Ideally this would be kept flat but in our tiny cottage this is not an option, so it stands against a wall behind the sofa
Papers for design work
Large sheets in A2 portfolio case, smaller pieces in a folder in the bookcase.  In between size (A3 approx) on top of a chest of drawers.
Ink and paint for design work
Upright, lids secure, in a trolley that can be wheeled to where needed (no children or pets around to worry about)
Other items, glue, bleach, sprays
Some in a drawer, some in a cupboard, some on the art trolley.
Embroidery work in progress
Plastic box with a lid and handle to carry around easily to where I am working
Frequently used fabrics in a storage unit with three deep drawers.  Less often used ones in a large deep lidded plastic box under the bed
Machine sewing threads in custom storage boxes, frequently used hand sewing threads on rings hung on wall, less frequently used in a drawer
Beads, metal threads etc
In custom storage boxes
Dyes, paints etc
In large lidded plastic boxes in a storage unit
Sewing machines
Upright on floor under work table.  Ideally I’d have an extra table so the machine could be set up at all times, but not enough space.
Other electrical equipment
In a lidded plastic box in storage unit

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