Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Certificate Module 4 Chapter 5 continued



Well, my best intentions weren’t quite realised.  How did my life become so busy since I retired?  It has been so hard to find time for my course work.  Anyway here, at last is the rest of Chapter 5. 

subtle disruption

4.5.4 I liked the subtle disruption here as threads were partly pulled from both sides and by different amounts.



4.5.5  Threads withdrawn from the centre to form a series of loops.


having fun

4.5.6  Some threads partially withdrawn and stitched back in in various ways.  I had lots of fun with this one!


loopy and pulled

4.5.7  More threads partially withdrawn and stitched back in in clumps.  This time I pulled the threads a bit tighter to distort the fabric slightl.  I also withdrew some threads vertically and stitched over the bars with chain stitch in a contrasting thread.


stitch sampler 2

4.5.8 Threads withdrawn and various threads, cords and strips of fabric sewn and woven into the spaces.


stitch sampler 1

4.5.9  Threads withdrawn in both directions to leave an even grid and some withdrawn threads stitched into the grid again.  On Sian’s suggestion I withdrew some threads from a larger piece of dyed fabric before I cut it up so that I had longer threads to sew with.



4.5.10  The long strips of fabric I had used to withdraw longer threads for sewing and the threads that I had withdrawn.  On Sian’s suggestion, I tried bleaching the scrim and got a lovely buttery cream colour.  I had originally intended colouring the bleached fabric, but on second thoughts, I decided that the colour (which reminded me of expensive writing paper I had once been given as a Christmas present) was what was needed to liven up my rather sombre colour scheme.  I now have some threads ready for Chapter 6.  The strips of fabric with their frayed edges are interesting too.  Perhaps they can be woven into the spaces made by withdrawing threads …


evenweave withdrawn threads drawing coloured

4.5.11 I thought it would be fun to play about with the idea of withdrawing threads and replacing them with something different.  The first step was to draw an evenweave fabric with some threads withdrawn …




4.5.12  … First I just painted in the replacement threads …



4.5.13  …and more of the same, herringbone stitch this time.  These drawing exercises helped me understand the structure of the woven fabric and the herringbone stitch.



4.5.14   Then I ironed the paper onto interfacing and stitched into the paper.


I have found the idea of disrupting an existing pattern and replacing it with something different a fascinating one.  It’s one I’d like to explore further in a more abstract way but no ideas are flowing at the moment.  At least it’s an idea to file away at the back of my mind for future use.

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  1. I love your very subtle color scheme Catherine, so beautiful