Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Certificate Module 3 Chapter 6 Tassels



This has been another most enjoyable chapter – more like playing than working.  I might return to it and do some more tassels, but I want to get into the habit of working and posting more regularly, rather than my bad habit of working a huge amount of hours and then doing nothing for weeks (or even months!!).  So, here’s what I’ve done this week:


3.6.h1  Two simple tassels.  The one on the left has a bead threaded onto the end of each stand of thread and secured by a knot.


3.6.h2 Strips of dyed cotton muslin


3.6.h3  Experimenting with different materials: this is strips of bubble wrap.


3.6.h4 Dyed lace and twill tape


3.6.h5 I used three strands of differently coloured yarns and stuffed the head before tying the neck.  I used a long chenille thread to tie the threads at the head and then knotted it with a repeated half hitch to give a spiral.


3.6.h6  I had fun with this one!  I made the threads longer to have more possibilities.  First I tied the head close to the fold, then I stuffed the next bit and tied again, tying a third time close to the second tie.  I then divided the skirt into 6 pieces and tied them before plaiting each one for a bit and then tying again (each plait separately).  I really liked this one and the colours worked well.


3.6.h7  I tried Sian’s suggestion to plait a cord first then fold it, tie it and unplait the skirt.  However, instead of just folding I thought I’d try a turk’s head knot for the head of the tassel.  My brain got lost in trying to fathom out where all the threads should go, but, although it isn’t a turk’s head knot, it is a fairly decorative knot.  It works quite well, although would have been better with the proper knot!


3.6.m1  Two machine stitched tassels.  I didn’t really enjoy this – I don’t like using the machine and much prefer stitching and making by hand.  However, I could see that you could make some interesting textures in the head of the tassel by judicious choice of stitch and thread and so I think more experimentation here would be good.  The thread I chose for the one on the right was two colours of a very springy viscose cord that had been wound around a small piece of card, so that it wanted to spring up in curls.  I liked that effect.


If I manage to stick to my resolution, I’ll have more to post next Sunday.


  1. Just about to post my tassels too! These are lovely Catherine and so effective

  2. Love your tassels Catherine, especially the bubble wrap one! What a great idea.

  3. Lovely tassels Catherine. I'll have to get a move on, you'll be ahead of me soon!

  4. The one on the right in your final pic made me smile - it looks slightly mad! I should really say, "It has movement"!

  5. I love the last tassel you made Catherine. It will be very difficult not to get influenced by your beautiful work