Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Certificate Module 3 Chapters 1 and a bit of 2–first steps


We are planning some big changes in our house, with redecorating and swapping my studio with the spare bedroom.  The work and chaos probably means it will be a week or two before I can do more City and Guilds work, so I thought I’d post what I’ve done so far as a little on account.

I had a big sketchbook (A3) that I’d had for ages and hadn’t used so thought I’d use it for this.  I coloured the pages before I started.  I also coloured a variety of papers for Chapter 2.  It was only when I started on the paper exercises in Chapter 2 that I realised the mistake I’d made.  I used Brusho which gave super bright results and interesting effects when I sprinkled dry powder onto wet paper.  However, as soon as I touched the paper with wet hands or glue, all the colours ran.  Sometimes this gave an interesting effect, but other times the inadvertent mixing of complementary colours produced just a dull browny grey.  (I also spent a few days with stained fingers and nails – I can’t use glue with rubber gloves.)  Once I have my new studio up and running I’ll try again, using Koh-i-noor and acrylic paint to colour the paper so that once it’s dry, it will stay the colour I intended.

Above 3.1/2.1 bottom of a basket


Above 3.1/2.2 some silver jewellery with spirals.  Paper development of Celtic knot pendant in twisted dyed kitchen towel, stiffened with pva.


Above 3.1/2.3. Paper development of drawing of filigree pendant.  When I cut it out, pieces of the orange paper fell onto my blue carpet.  I liked the effect with bits of spirals so glued pieces at random onto blue paper.


Above 3.1/2.4. Fossil shell and some crystals arranged to form a spiral.  I tried to interpret the spiral in layers of coloured paper, but I’m not happy with it since the colours ran with the glue.  I’ll try again later.


Above 13.1/2.5 another basket.  Will try later with plaited paper.


Above 3.1/2.6 A spiral staircase.  This image really excited me.

Above 3.1/2.7 wedges of coloured tracing paper for the steps with orange dyed cartridge paper

Above 3.1/2.8 folding tucks into the tracing paper before gluing it to the orange cartridge


Above 3.1/2.8a held up to the light


Above 3.1/2.9 DNA double helix


Above 3.1/2.10 Spiral galaxies photographed by the Hubble telescope

Above 3.1/2.10a My drawing of the spiral galaxies


Above 3.1/2.11 some rubbings of spirals

Above 3.1/2.12 some prints from bought and made print blocks

Above 3.1/2.13 rubbings from the two baskets

Above 3.1/2.14 spirals cut out of paper and arranged in a spiral shape


  1. I have had my head down and did not realised you had posted your first chapter on spirals. I can see you have enjoyed yourself and I love your hand drawings especially the DNA and spiral staircase. Hope your new workroom is coming on and I look forward to seeing a photo!

  2. You've produced great and interesting work Catherine. I also love the idea of presenting your work on a coloured background. I'm a bit stuck at the moment as I had to help my daughter for a school project. And I somehow always manage to get distracted by something else....Look forward to seeing more on your blog

  3. Your choice of color for your paper work on "spiral" is great. Just the thing for the many shades of gray for the work on "module 2". Did you have a longing for color as well as I?
    I wish you much success in the reorganization your study.