Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Certificate Module 2 Health and Safety Considerations


Working Processes

Possible Risks

Safety Measures Adopted

Dyeing fabric

Inhaling dye powder

Staining of skin and clothing

Accidental poisoning of children and pets

Mask worn when mixing dyes

Dyes stored in a safe place where children could not access them

Protective clothing and rubber gloves worn when working with dyes

Used dyes disposed of sensibly

Printing fabric with acrylic paint and fabric medium

Once dried acrylic paint is impossible to remove from clothing and furnishings

Paint and medium stored securely

Any spills wiped up before paint dried

Used paint cleared up before it dries

Table protected by vinyl cloth and any vulnerable articles removed from room

Rubber gloves and protective clothes worn



Electrical faults could cause fire

Trailing flexes could cause trips and falls

Hot iron could damage surfaces and materials

Care taken while using iron

Dedicated area for ironing only, placed close to power source

Iron left in safe place after use until completely cold before being stored away

Cutting out pattern pieces

Accidental cuts

Scissors stored in a drawer out of reach of children

Care taken to keep tidy while working with scissors and scissors kept point down in a heavy based pot while work is in progress

Machine sewing

Stitching fingers!

Trips and falls because of trailing flexes

Care taken while sewing

Frequent breaks taken so that fatigue does not lead to careless errors (something you only do once, in my case 20 years ago, only minor damage to finger fortunately!!)

Machine stored with cover on and out of reach of children

When in use, machine sewing table close to power source so no trailing wires

Hand sewing

Pricking fingers

Muscle strain

Eye strain

Care taken with needles and scissors with pin cushion kept close at hand

Frequent breaks to prevent fatigue and muscle strain

A dedicated pair of glasses just for hand sewing (I hold my sewing much closer than I hold a book while reading so I need a different focal length for sewing)

Editing photographs and posting on blog

Designing on computer

Eye strain

Muscle strain for neck and shoulders

Take frequent breaks from work

Make sure keyboard, mouse and chair are at correct position for strain-free working

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