Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Certificate Module 2 Chapter 7: A Little on Account Part 2

Traditional Piecing Methods

Second Stage - Fabric Samples

I don't know whether it was the mood I was in or the technique itself, but I found log cabin terribly tedious and boring to do.  I couldn't come up with anything interesting to do with it.  I did a few samples, but I don't really like them.  Patchwork is something I don't really like so I have struggled with this chapter.  I found my interest increase when I started on the Seminole work.  I loved the surprise element of it.  I haven't done many samples yet, but I'll carry on with this, incorporating the ideas of decorating seams from the next chapter.

A - Log Cabin

B - Seminole

2.7.B6 "right" side

2.7.B6 the reverse side
2.7.B7 the "right" side

2.7.B7 the reverse side

 I found the Seminole work much more interesting.  In 2.7.B7 I was fascinated by how interesting the little bits of pattern were.  Seminole always gives a surprise when it is finished.  The reverse side of both samples gave me a taste of how much the next chapter could add to the interest with experimental seams.  Although I have had time for only two samples so far, my imagination has caught fire with all the ideas sparked off.  Some ideas I'd like to try are:-
  • Interpret the marks on the light coloured squares in 2.7.B7 in stitch instead of print
  • Try some samples with some seams going one way, some the other
  • Interpret my "squiggly lines with circles" from my original sea anemone drawing using seminole patchwork for the squiggly lines (as shown in 2.7.B5 and 2.7.B6) with stitch for the circles
  • Try combining seminole for the squiggly lines with yo-yo patchwork for the circles.
I found a book in my local library on Japanese Quilt Blocks.  It seems to go with the Shibori earlier.  It had a section on Sashiko, which would be great to use as inspiration for the stitching on fabrics to come in later chapters.  I'm starting to feel a definite Japanese theme starting here.

These ideas should keep me busy for a while.  Watch this space ...


  1. Thanks for your kind comments Catherine! The fabrics you are working your patchwork in are beautiful and spur me on to finish Module 1. The last patchwork I attempted was 'Crazy' with lots of scope for creativity - doesn't the log cabin variety have to be very precise to make it all fit? Hope you find some inspiration...

  2. Thanks Amanda. Yes, the precision of log cabin is what I don't like. I enjoyed making the patterned fabrics. The dyeing was exciting, but I really loved doing print and monoprint on fabrics. In fact I think I'll go back and do some more now I see how well they work in patchwork.