Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Monday, 5 September 2011

September Sketchbook: Post 2 - some detailed drawings

I'm really enjoying looking closely at a textile, in my case knitting.  Doing the detailed drawings of the structure of stocking stitch and garter stitch was a lot more fun than I expected, kind of a combination of doodling and colouring in.  It was just ideal for doing while convalescing from a nasty virus - lounging on the sofa, too weak (!) to do any housework or tackle machine embroidery for my course work in Module 2!

Page 6: stocking stitch right (smooth) side

Page 7: stocking stitch right side again

Page8: stocking stitch wrong (bumpy) side

Page 9: garter stitch
 One interesting thing I found was that the simpler stitch to knit, garter stitch (plain knitting on every row) actually has a more complicated and hard-to-draw structure than stocking stitch (one row plain knitting, one row purl alternated).

I became quite fascinated (am I turning into a geek?) with following the journey of the yarn in each row in the different stitches.  It fired off interesting concepts in my mind such as tortuous journeys, tracks and trails, intertwining and interlocking.  In the second part of the sketchbook, I look forward to exploring some of these ideas and also using the text of knitting patterns in some sort of imaginative way (if I can think of it!).

I'm no longer feeling guilty about stealing time from my Certificate coursework for the fun sketchbook projects since I am discovering that the one feeds off the other and gives ideas for techniques and approaches to try.


  1. Too weak to do housework? Good heavens! Hope you're feeling a lot brighter now.

  2. Just caught up with your latest posts ,they are lovely.What a brilliant idea to print onto your strips!I love the series of drawings on knitting.