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Friday, 2 September 2011

September drawing project - first steps

I decided to study knitting for my textile study, since the structure has fascinated me for a long time.  I began by scanning and photographing some samples of knitting I had around the house.
I tried to examine the structure of each of the two stitches: garter stitch and stocking stitch.  However, my samples were too close in tension to see the whole structure and I could only draw the surface appearance of the stitch.

First I looked at garter stitch.  It appeared to me to look like a series of rows of crescent shapes, with alternate rows upside down.  After drawing garter stitch in pencil, I made a crescent shaped print block with Funky Foam and used it to print how the surface of the fabric looked.

Next I looked closely at stocking stitch.  I thought it looked like a series of columns of regular v-shapes.  I tried again to make a print block from Funky Foam, but the v-shapes were too fat, so I made a new block and tried again.

I remembered that I had a larger v-shaped print block left over from Module 1 work and so tried it to give a different scale of pattern.
The next thing I need to do is to knit some garter stitch and stocking stitch samples using a thin, smooth cord and large needles, so that the tension is much looser and I will be able to examine the structure of the knitting stitches.

(I had done all this work before I read Anita Bruce's wonderful article on "Knitting as Drawing" in the September issue of "Workshop on the Web".  See Anita Bruce's blog and her website to admire her wonderful work.  Honestly I did come up with my sketchbook idea independently!!)

(PS I haven't done all this work since Sian posted the details yesterday.  I must admit to starting a week ago, anticipating what was to come.)

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