Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Module 2 Chapter 5: Patterned Papers

In this chapter we were asked to produce a series of patterned papers based on our drawings of animal markings.  Three different types of technique were used:
  • printing with a variety of media and objects
  • bleach on black paper
  • monoprints
Here are the results.  Each individual sheet is numbered at the bottom right hand side.

Printed papers

Bleached Papers

As before each individual page is numbered at the bottom right hand side.  The page at the bottom right hand side is a repeat of the left hand one, flipped horizontally, just to make the arrangement more symmetrical.  I didn't have any black tissue paper, so just tried it with black cartridge paper which I had.  Also I couldn't find any ordinary bleach locally and was too tired after a recent virus to make the 64 mile round trip into the city, so used a toilet cleaner containing bleach.  Surprisingly, it seemed to work fine!

Monoprinted Papers

I wasn't so happy with how the monoprints turned out. They look very pale and faded despite a bit of tinkering with the contrast in Photoshop!  I think maybe I was too sparing with the printing ink since I had very little left and was trying to make it last.  Still, when combined with the other papers, they might make a useful mid tone.


  1. Hi Catherine, I found your blog via Sian. I'm also working on module two here in Malaysia. Love your bleached samples - looking forward to trying this out this week!

  2. Thanks for your encouraging comments.Go on and get your dyeing done. Don't worry about a true Black as you can get some lovely tones which are much nicer and more varied to work with Your papers have some beautiful effects and you are much luckier than I was with the bleach.

  3. Hi Catherine, Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, i get so excited when I get feedback!
    I see we're at a similar stage, I really enjoyed looking at your work and will follow with interest. I see caroline is at a similar stage too so we can support each other