Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Module 2 Chapter 3 Machined strips revisited

I had got bogged down with this chapter and was thoroughly dissatisfied with my machine embroidered strips of calico.  However, a one-to-one consultation with Sian filled me with new ideas, as did Jan Evan's wonderful summer school and the enjoyable and fun summer sketchbook project.  So I am now all fired up with enthusiasm.  Today I made a start for the first time since June.  I haven't got far, but just being able to post a few bits of work increases my confidence that I am back on track with my course work.

First of all, I taped one of my boring machined strips onto a drawing board and painted it with black and white acrylic paint.  I printed from it onto paper and onto the other boring strips as well as some plain calico strips.
2.3R.1 machined strip painted ready to print

2.3R.2 print on paper from machined strip

2.3R.3 print on machined strips from another machined strip
They are already looking more interesting, but I plan to stitch into them some more.

Now into my stride and in printing mode, I made two print blocks inspired by my drawings of animal markings.  I have printed one block of each in a small sketchbook along with the block.  I then used them to make graduated tones on another strip and on a large rectangle of fabric.  Following one of Sian's suggestions, I'll work on the whole rectangle with machine stitching and then cut it into strips.  I tried to graduate it diagonally so that each finished strip would be slightly different.

2.3R.4 first print block

2.3R.5 second print block

2.3R.6 stitched column then printed in black and white acrylic paint

2.3R.7 printed calico rectangle ready for stitching
From having found this chapter boring, I now am enthusiastic and looking forward to the challenge of using machine stitching on top of the printing to make shaded columns.

What an enjoyable day day: a lovely country walk with a group of friends this morning and sheer bliss this afternoon pottering around with paint and stitch, accompanied by Albinoni, Handel and a cup or two of Darjeeling - heaven! (It is so nice to be retired!)


  1. I tried twice to get 2.3R.2 in the centre, but Blogger decided it should be off-centre - oh well ...

  2. Glad you're back in the zone, so to speak. Interesting prints.