Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Module 1 Chapter 11 supplemental

Module 1 Health and safety rules observed

Hazards and measures taken to avoid them

Electrical equipment

  • tripping over wires
  • electrocution
  • making sure wires are not trailing where someone might trip
  • ensuring electrical equipment is properly wired and fused
  • avoiding overloading sockets
  • making sure flexes are not worn or damaged

Heat tools

  • burning skin
  • setting fire to papers etc
  • fumes from melting materials
  • always working in a well ventilated space
  • wearing respirator if appropriate
  • working outside where possible
  • working on a heat resistant surface


  • some chemicals can be harmful if breathed, swallowed or spilt on skin
  • mask worn when mixing dye powders
  • chemicals kept securely sealed, clearly labelled and stored out of reach of children
  • gloves and protective clothing worn when working with dyes
  • avoiding eating or drinking when working with chemicals

Computer and sewing machine

  • strain on neck, shoulders or back
  • Good working position: chair and table at right height
  • Frequent breaks to walk around room and stretch muscles.  A kitchen timer set to 20 minutes has proved beneficial.

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