Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate

Module 1 Chapter 9

Reverse Applique traditional method. I thought I would hate this as it seemed so labour intensive and I usually don't much like technique based work, but I rather enjoyed it. All the careful hand stitching had a meditative effect. I also loved how the colours worked together.

Reverse Applique contemporary machine method with the outside shape stitched first. I liked this too and found I could control the fraying with a pin.

Reverse Applique contemporary machine method with inside shape stitched first. I used the same colours for all these three samples because I wanted to see the effect of the different techniques with all other factors the same.

Contemporary slashed effect: four layers of fabric stitched with narrow zigzag using metallic thread and then slashed between lines of stitches. (Apologies about strap of camera showing: no time to edit it out.) I love the fluffy effect of this and mean to try the technique again.

Reverse applique variation with ripple effect. I wasn't particularly pleased with this except for the big bird at the bottom, where I tried to get the effect of the San Blas Molas by cutting out other shapes within the bird. The different part layers showing through were a bit too random for the design, I think, although it works better in the big bird. Next time, I'd like to try planning the layers more so that I know what colour is going to show where. (...or am I just being too tight and controlling?)
I didn't expect to enjoy this exercise as much as I did. It marked a return to working on the course after a long break, during which I had quite a bit of stress from my job and also was ill for a while. It has been such fun to get back and release my creative side once more. I look forward to having more time to spend on it when I retire at the beginning of July. Can't wait to be a full-time textile artist!