Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Module 1 Chapter 6: extra

13th May 2009

I really enjoyed this exercise, so, having an unexpected day off today, I tried some more ideas. Here they are:

Sample 1

I sponged a square of Bondaweb with a crimson acrylic and mauve acrylic mixed with irridescent medium. Once dry, I printed two bird shapes on with lime green acrylic paint. I bonded it on to pale pink cotton, laid a green tracing paper bird shape on top, then bonded dark pink chiffon on top.

Sample 2

I trapped a variety of snippets of sheer, opaque and glittery fabrics between two layers of shaded chiffon, one shading vertically, the other horizontally. I cut two bird shapes out of this and bonded them onto pink polycotton which had been printed with irridescent acrylic medium.

Sample 3

For the background, I bonded snippets of sheer fabrics between two layers of shaded chiffon, with one layer shading horizontally and the other shading vertically. I cut a rectangular shape and applied it to olive green polyester satin. I cut two bird shapes as in sample 2 and bonded them on top.

Sample 4

First I bonded a rectangle of Bondaweb to green polyester. I printed three bird shapes on top of the bondaweb with lime green acrylic paint. I then bonded four more bird shapes: gold metallic chiffon, blue chiffon, red/yellow shaded chiffon and finally printed tracing paper.

Sample 5

This sample came about by accident. When I printed 3 green bird shapes onto green polyester for sample 4, the paint went right through to the white cartridge paper underneath. I tried ironing on top of it Bondaweb which I had painted with purple acrylic mixed with irridescent medium, hoping that it would be sufficiently transparent to show the birds underneath. The result was very pleasing, the wrinkling of the wet Bondaweb giving an interesting texture to the piece.

Sample 6

I decided to try the same effect deliberately this time. I cut two bird shapes out of dyed tracing paper and fixed them to white cartridge paper with spray adhesive. Next I sponged reddish purple acrylic paint onto Bondaweb. Once dry, I printed it with irridescent medium, ironed it onto shaded chiffon, peeled off the paper backing and ironed it onto the cartridge paper.

Layout of blog

I've found a way of getting the layout of my blog more pleasing to my eye. I found a couple of websites which offer training in the use of html. One of them is designed for children, so just right for my level! There's a lot of it that is just Greek to me, but I understand enough of the basics now to use a bit of it to get things how I want them, using the "Edit html" button. It seems to work for me.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Chapter 6: Use of Bonding (Transfer Adhesive) in Applique

9th May 2009

I worked on Chapters 5 and 6 at the same time, as I got bored with the printing, so went on to Chapter 6 and then went back to do some more printing.

One thing that has given me fresh impetus is starting a beginners' pottery evening class. The tutor asked us to bring a source of inspiration, so took my Distant Stitch sketchbook. It was so interesting to try to interpret the same designs in another medium. I was using a newspaper template to cut out my bird shape in clay and so later bonded the newspaper shape in a Bondaweb sandwich. It has given me fresh ways of thinking of my design source.

Flying birds 1

This was the first time I tried the fold and cut technique in fabric. I liked Sian’s suggestion of putting a third transparent bird on top of and between the two others. It works quite well, I think,and is very subtle (not quite so subtle in real life as it appears in the photo). The only drawback I thought was that, after using exciting hand dyed papers with lively varied colour, the bought fabrics looked a bit flat with the colour too regular and even. In the next samples, I’ll try to get around that, maybe by dyeing my own fabrics or maybe printing them.

Flying birds 2

This was my first attempt to break up the flat colour that I didn’t like in my first example. I used a variegated chiffon for my first bird shape. For the second, I painted Bondaweb, then printed it before folding and cutting the bird shape. (The idea came from Chapter 3 Design Sheet B new shape from old.) The double technique was quite hard on the Bondaweb and broke it up slightly, giving a worn look that I really like. I might explore distressing the painted Bondaweb before bonding it if time allows. A layer of very sheer gold chiffon is bonded on top.

Flying birds 3

The first, pink layer, I coloured with transfer crayons by scribbling a cross hatched pattern in pink and mauve on paper, then ironing it onto pink polycotton. This just broke up the regular surface without being too patterned. After folding and cutting the bird shape, I ironed it onto olive green polyester satin.

The second green layer was one I had printed in a very yellowy lime green on a pale lime green fabric. I wasn’t very pleased with the placement of the print, so ironed it onto Bondaweb and cut and folded it into a bird shape before ironing it on top of and overlapping the pink shape.

The third purple and pink layer was painted Bondaweb, folded and cut into the bird shape then ironed on. I was pleased with how the light coloured Bondaweb holds its own even on top of a dark background while being transparent enough to show the shapes underneath.

Flying Birds 4

I tried colouring the pale pink fabric and the mauve fabric before bonding them onto the background. I did some rubbings with transfer crayons. Unfortunately, when I applied the Bondaweb, I ironed it on to the patterned side of the fabric! So, I realised I would have to attach it to a sheer fabric, so the patterning would show through. I chose a dark pink polyester chiffon with silver dots. It has worked well for the pale pink fabric, although the pattern on the mauve fabric was too subtle to show through. I then ironed Bondaweb to the right side of a dark pink polyester satin, peeled it off and ironed my sheer sandwich onto that. One more bird shape in metallic gold chiffon was then ironed on to the right side of the whole thing. Although this composition came about because of a mistake, it was a very happy accident and I think it works well.

Flying birds 5

This sample is maybe a bit too busy with too many bird shapes piled on top of each other. However, I like some bits of it so have included it with my samples.
Bird 1 - (top left) pale pink polycotton
Bird 2 - (middle left) Bondaweb painted yellowy green then printed mauve v shapes. I really like how the printed Bondaweb works
Bird 3 - (bottom left) dark pink chiffon with silver dots. I like how the selvedge has made an accidental pattern down one wing.
Bird 4 - (top right) little samples I had been playing around with, using pieces cut out of other samples on gold chiffon. They didn’t work very well so I recycled them. Bondaweb applied to right side then folded, cut and ironed on, so only the reverse seen. I quite like the relief effect.
Bird 5 - (bottom right) a very vulgar looking shot irridescent fabric, too overpowering usually, but layered over dark complementary fabrics is toned down enough to work quite well.

Module 1 Chapter 5: Fabric Selection and Decoration

9th May 2009
Work in progress

The best bit about this chapter was the shopping! I spent a happy time choosing fabrics. Luckily I went at a quiet time and the assistant didn’t mind cutting 10 or 20cm of about 20 different fabrics, in fact she and another shop assistant entered into the spirit of the thing and suggested fabrics in my colour scheme that I hadn’t noticed or wouldn’t have chosen. A most enjoyable morning.

As well as printing with the stamps I’d made, I tried also printing with the bits I had cut away. On fabric, however, despite taping them to the table, I found it hard to hold the small stamps and messed up some of the prints with paint from my fingers. I will try to get stiff cardboard or board to glue them onto so I can hold them more easily. I have just discovered irridescent medium for acrylics and added that to the paint for some of the prints. One one print I tried printing with just the irridescent medium itself.

One interesting thing was the brush marks that showed clearly when I printed on a fluffy pale pink cotton, almost like flannelette. I always brush the paint onto the stamp and it was interesting to get the texture resulting from this.