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Work done for City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Embroidery with Distant Stitch.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Some personal stuff

Apologies to everyone expecting to see embroidery here.  My brother in Canada has digitised some family home movies taken by my late aunt ("Auntie Dodie") who died in 2014 aged 99 years.  Some of my many cousins have asked to see them and I have previously shared some of them on Facebook.  However, I'm no longer able to share them on Facebook but could share them on my blog, so I decided just this once I'll use my blog to be able to share these family home videos with my friends and relations.  Just skip this if you want to see the embroidery stuff and skip the embroidery stuff if you want to see the home videos.  I'll post them just after this message.

Smithyhaugh Road (1976)

Gliding Club & Linn o' Dee (1977)

Doing the Smithyhaugh Walk (1975)

Ernest Karaoke

Smithyhaugh Road (1976)

Christmas Day at the Giles's (1993) - 2. The Dinner, Part 2